1.1 Ethical standards of relevant professional bodies are reviewed and understood

Q1.1 What are the meaning and purpose of ethical standards?( Ref Page 1)

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1.2Advice on the application processes for applying ethical, community and technical standards is obtained from persons of higher authority.

Q1.2A- What is Protect the rights of the client when delivering services (Ref Page 1 & 2)

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Q1.2B-What is Principles of ethical decision-making?  (Ref Page 1 & 2)

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Q1.2C  What are potential ethical issues and ethical dilemmas in the workplace and discuss with an appropriate person? (Ref Page 8)

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Q1.2D. How will you deal with unethical conduct made by your fellow worker ? (Ref Page 10)

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Q1.2E Where do ethical standards come from? (Ref Page 13)

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Q1.2F How do you understand Engineers Code of ethics  of Engineers Australia? Draw out the key points

Reference -  www.mongroupsydney1.com/codeofethics2010.pdf


1.3 Contributions to periodic revision of standards is made through formal discussions with colleagues and written submissions to public reviews.


Q1.3 What are the processes of reviewing and updating the standards?


2.1 Established ethical standards are apply to all professional dealings and activities.


Q2.1 Write the example of how ethical standards are apply to all professional dealings and activities?




Work is planed and managed within the framework of community and technical standards.


Compliance with relevant community and technical standards is incorporated in assuring quality of work outcomes.



Advice on engineering issues and adoption of particular technologies with regard to standards is sought from persons of higher authority.


You are required to do the engineering project work. Write the outline for your project plan that contains the following ethical standard aspects.

Q3 Explain the following

Standards, Code of Practice, Guide Lines

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Q4. Write the key facts of Electrical Code of Practice

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Q5. Write the compliance with Australian standards.

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Q6 What is Community Involvement and Consultation Objectives?  (Ref page 6)

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