Written Notes+ Text Books

Then more advanced study in textbooks and written notes can be acquired by studying the reference notes in the following sites and the other reference textbooks.

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Text books & lesson notes summary


The following link contains the PDF files of the text books & lesson summaries for the following topics


Solar Inspector Training.pdf

Temperature rating.zip

Circuit 2 Answers.pdf

DC Machine.pdf


Electrical Installation Requirement.pdf

Electrical Risk Assessment.pdf

Electrical technical problems.pdf

Energy efficient building design.pdf

Induction & synchronous machine.pdf


K035 Text book.pdf


Maths 2 Answers.pdf

Power project 1.pdf

Power project 2.pdf

Power transformer.pdf

Project specification 1.zip

Project specification 2.zip

Projectplanning and management.zip

Solar Inspector Training.zip

Engineering Report Writing.zip

Microprocessor controlled stepper motor.zip

Power transformer.pdf

E071+C003 Project Specification + Electrical Contracting Text book

E071+C003 Class notes.zip